Panzanello wine club

The story of Panzanello goes all the way back to 1427, the year that marked the beginning of an unceasing process of improvement. From the outset, the winery was determined to “educate” its vineyards by continuously selecting the finest grapes so as to produce wines of superior quality, year after year. To those who love fine wines, Panzanello offers the opportunity to experience the passion that drives this constant effort.


Join our exclusive club

Four times a years (in February, May, September and November), members of the Wine Club Panzanello will receive twelve bottles of our wines for a value between 350, 00 Euro and 450.00 Euro at a special price
of only 180.00 Euro each shipment (excluding transport costs). In addition to enjoying a wonderful wine whenever you want to, you’ll be able to bring to mind the recollection of your experience at the winery.

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Would you like to participate in this splendid initiative as well?

It’s not for everyone but only for someone like you, who loves fine wine and enjoys experiences like the one you had with us today. It was certainly a pleasure for us to have you here! You’ll receive a special case of six bottles of Panzanello wine containing vintages from the past, selected by us. You decide when you want to receive it. Since you have joined our Wine Club, you’ll have a special price for these special vintages at just 499 Euro rather than 700 Euro (excluding transport costs). You’ll love getting this Surprise Box , because it contains wines from excellent vintages, and the story of Panzanello, the story of a young couple who gave up their professional careers to make wine.

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