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HARVEST AND VINIFICATION: Grapes are handpicked, put in little boxes and softly pressed without destemming. The wine remains in steel tanks for 6 months. The wine is not filtered.

ORGANOLEPTIC NOTES: Cherry red, fruity, fine and persistent to the nose. Harmonious to the taste: the freshness and the acidity meet the softness and the structure of the wine in a intense and balanced result.

COMBINATION: Perfect with appetizers of crostini and cold cuts, first dishes, all kinds of meat, fish, cheeses, shellfish. Best served at 8°-12°C.

PRODUCTION: 2400 Bottles.


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In the heart of the Chianti Classico, in Panzano in Chianti is the Panzanello Farm, which boasts an extension of 110 hectares where wide valleys alternate with rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and dense woods. Thanks to the constant commitment of Andrea and Iole Sommaruga, Panzanello is the love for the land and the passion for wine. RESTYLING LABELS PANZANELLO 1427. Every single bottle is the body and soul of a story that began in 1964 and has been handed down over the years. In the cellars you can breathe the perfect harmony between the refinement of the aromas and the elegance of the aromas. The 1427 year which also represents the beginning of a constant search for improvement in Tuscany and more precisely in Panzanello.

It all starts from …

Anna Maria Sommaruga, Andrea’s grandmother, bought the property of Panzanello in 1964. The grandmother decided to transform it in order to welcome her children and grandchildren and pass on, to future generations, what “family” means. Here was born Andrea’s love for the vineyards and in 1994, not wanting to be an accountant in Rome, he moved to Panzanello. In December 1994 his adventure as a winemaker began. Right from the start, Andrea Sommaruga continued to “educate” his vineyards as Francesco Ciucci D’Ugolino did in 1436.

Andrea has continuously selected the best grapes, in order to give life, year after year, to quality wines. Those who drink Panzanello wines are offered the opportunity to experience the passion behind it by taking a real journey through time. The first bottling of wine produced by Andrea was in 1997 and it wasn’t a bad start! He started with 8000 bottles. In 1997 Andrea married Ioletta and she too, having moved from Rome to Panzanello, abandoned the idea of ​​being an architect. In order for the wines to satisfy and conquer even the most experienced of his customers, Andrea has invested all his efforts in making sure that every single bottle can convey its uniqueness.

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